I am quite obviously a cynic. No one loves you for who you are or what you do. It is simply for who you are to them and what you can do for them. People are so insanely selfish. Of course, I am no exception. What gets me is that people ignore and deny that they are all innately selfish. They desperately reach out attempt to grasp on to the sliver of humanity, they have been gripping so tightly that their knuckles were bone white. They were gripping so hard that they didn’t even notice there wasn’t anything in their hand anymore. They were so preoccupied with not letting go that they didn’t even watch as it slipped through their fingers and floated away. It hovers for a second then begins to fly away gradually, bobbing gently in the wind as it was carried farther and farther into the embrace of the sky. Only when it was too far to reach did they become aware of the emptiness occupying their hand. Only when there is no hope for recovery do they notice what they lost.


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