The first time I saw a dead body I was eight years old. My aunt had died of cancer while my mother and I were visiting her in the hospital. I remember loud beeping, people rushing around, and the distinct smell of lemon cleaning product. They lost her six minutes later. We walked in and looked at her lifeless form as she was being unhooked from all of the equipment. I had always thought her eyes were so beautiful. Crystal clear and full of light. That is the best description for someone dying, I think. The light going from their eyes. It is almost indescribable how full and glimmering someone can appear, but then the instant someone is gone forever so is that fullness. It is as if her entire essence had been this big red balloon  until it burst and became a black shriveled piece of plastic. Her eyes were empty. Her body was empty. The scariest part about seeing someone’s eyes right after they die is not how empty and bleak they are. It is seeing someone living and breathing with those same dull empty eyes.


One thought on “Dead”

  1. My uncle died of cancer as well, I was too young, my family thought looking at the body might scare me, so I never got to see him after death. I still can picture him as lively as he was, while my family describes of the dreadful day, and the figures jus dont match. It’s scary to have two different visions of the same person. May his soul and your aunts RIP


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