I have spent countless hours missing you

Countless tears crying for you

Countless breaths laughing with you

Countless mornings cuddling with you

All of this cannot be counted 

But I can count how many road trips we have gone on

How many books we have traded

How many movies we have watched

How many days I have loved you

What can or cannot be counted does not matter

All that matters is the memory

I remember the feel of your scruff rubbing against my chin

I remember how you cover your teeth with your tongue when you smile

I remember how serious you look while you read

I remember what it is like to be with you

These memories keep me up at night

I have nightmares that you will never come back

I have dreams that you will

There are days that I go without thinking of you

There are nights where that is all I do

You are my everything

But I am not yours

So I will spend countless hours moving on

Countless tears crying over what I lost

Countless breaths running away from my love for you

Countless mornings waking up alone

I wish you happy days that cannot be counted 

And I wish you sad days that can


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