Be organized.

Compartmentalize everything around you.

Label everything neatly.

Only two labels really matter.



Which box do I put you in?

Do I need you?

Or do I want you like a greasy slice of cheese pizza when I am too drunk to drive home?

Are you important?


But are you necessary?

I don’t know.

Am I necessary to you?

That doesn’t matter.

Don’t answer that.

I just need to worry about my thoughts and feelings.

Not yours.

But I still wonder if your lips are as sweet

Or if your hair is as soft

Or if your smile is as cute

As I remember.

I also wonder if you are still mad

Or if you think about her

Or if you miss me.

Labelled “Unnecessary.”

These thoughts are not important.

My happiness is.

Everything is organized.

Everything is neat.

Everything is logical.

But why do I feel so chaotic?


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