The damp embrace of the grass sent shivers down my spine. I can see your form to my left with my peripheral vision. I slightly turn my head to sneak a better glance, but once I do I realize you are already staring at me. Your hands are full of your short chestnut curls. I shift onto my left hip and fully face you. You follow suit and face me as well. We just lie there sharing a comfortable silence all our own. My brunette curls rustle gently as the breeze kisses me. I would rather be kissed by you, but I dare not tarnish the perfection of our moment. It feels as though hours pass by, but you refuse to break away from my gaze as I refuse to break away from yours. We are glued to another with an absence of physical touch. The left corner of your mouth twitches and you flash your crooked smile at me. I can’t take it anymore. Scooting myself close enough to touch you, your smile gets wider and toothier. I reach my hand out and grasp the back of your neck. Slowly, gently, I pull your face closer to mine, but stop pulling once our lips are within centimeters of each other. I nod my head slightly urging you to kiss me first. Our lips brush together, but the teasing continues. Right before I cave, you press your mouth to mine. Your tongue enters my mouth as we fall deeper and deeper into our kiss. My right hand glides down your left side but stops at your waist. You hesitate because you know what I am going to do next. I squeeze your side and you quickly roll away from me erupting with laughter.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help it! You are just too cute when you laugh,” I say through my grin.

You respond,” I will get you back, just you wait!”

Once we have both calmed down, I lay my head on your chest as we both stare up at the night sky.

A thought strikes me. “You know, whenever I see a particularly bright star, I always think about how your eyes twinkle right before we kiss.”

You lean down and kiss the top of my head. This is where I want to be. With you, surrounded by your embrace, looking up at a sky full of your twinkling eyes.

I love you.

The daily prompt is Twinkle


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