What is it that has to click for a person to cheat on another?

Assuming the first person loved the second.

What has to go wrong, if anything?

Is it the years of unconfronted tension?

Is it the weariness of the other’s actions and whereabouts?

Is it preemptive so you can blame the separation on something besides you two not being compatible?

Or is it that you finally confronted your feelings for someone else?

Happy relationships don’t end in breakups or divorce.

Breaking up is always a good thing because it means you are one step closer to the end.

One step closer to the comforting warmth given off by the person you love.

One step closer to the temptation of domestic mediocrity.

One step closer to destiny.

Cheat away, my readers.

You might never win, but you will damn sure go far.


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